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Purplelis Jewelry


By trade, Frances a design engineer self taught and owner of Purplelis Jewelry specializing in assisting women in finding beauty in their image irrespective of eurocentric beauty standards.


Growing up in Seattle, Washington Frances discovered a city of crystals underneath the stairs to her parents home. Between the stairs she saw pretty sparkling crystals a captivating imaginary world seem to invite her in. Over the years time spent in her imaginary world diminished until 2016. In 2016 Khadirah El-Bey suggested that Frances create a handmade jewelry business, thus the start of Purplelis Jewelry. Frances started off bending copper wire once she became comfortable with wire she revisit her childhood imaginary crystal city and started incorporating crystals in her copper wire creations. The mission of her business metamorphosed into wearable healing art emphasizing opposing myths against women's images especially black woman and their images of beauty.


Most of her pieces are in copper however, she also creates in silver and brass. Some of her signature collection include: I Luv My Hair 9 Ether; emphasizing the value of kinky hair textures. Pretty & Pink emphasizing the power in femininity and HerStory emphasizing the gifts from Mother Earth and Mother Earth's connection to women. Her savory moments, witnessing a customer share a story ending where they feel energized or begin their journey to healing by wearing a piece of Purplelis inspired jewelry. 


The purpose of Purplelis Jewelry; "Destroy The Myth Reconcile The Heart...........I Am Love is the Purplelis experience.

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